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Frequently Asked Questions - Live Demo System

This is where the most common registration questions will be answered, in order to reduce inquiries via email and phone call. 

This is the editor tool that allows you or EnablePoint Staff to edit and change FAQ's as they become apparrent.  We can also recommend the most common, such as password reset help, how to fill out the form, etc. 

Sample from client:

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the South Holland Online Alarm Registration System.

1. What is a payment Code?

A payment code is usually sent to you in an alarm registration renewal letter, or on an invoice for a false alarm.  You may also obtain a payment code from our support staff over the phone or by email. 

The payment code allows you to renew your alarm registration online with the renewal rate and not the 'new registration' rate. 

The payment code also allows an alarm owner to pay online directly without logging in to the system,  Click the payment code button on the login screen, enter your payment code, and your information will appear allowing you to make an online payment. 

2. I entered my email in to the 'New to Online Registration'  and I have not received my password.

Please allow two or three minutes for the password to appear.  If it does not in that time, check your SPAM filters first, if you do not locate your password there, use the 'Forgot my password' link and enter your email address again.  If that does not result in a password being emailed, it is possible your ISP is blocking the emails because they are coming from an automatic system.  Please call our support line (877) 672-1386




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